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Kimberly Miller


About Kimberly Miller

I was born into a military family at Carswel Airforce Base in Ft. Worth, TX. Shortly after, my family made its way back to our home state of New York where I was raised. Being raised in the outer Syracuse area I always dreamt of living in paradise and six years ago I visited Satellite Beach for the first time. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the area was and how friendly everyone was. When I went back to Syracuse I set a goal list to one day live in Satellite Beach and eight months later I made my goal a reality, I packed my car and moved to Florida. I’ve been living in the area for just over five years now and call the Space Coast home.

When I set goals for myself I achieve them. I have been in the customer service industry for nearly twenty years and consider myself to be a hard worker. Whether it be renting, selling or buying, let me make it my goal to help you find your home.